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Special Offers On Watchbandcenter

Last week I talked about our new watch strap model Olymp. This week I’d like to introduce you to a new category on www.watch-band-center.com: Special Offers.

In this category you can find price tips, special offers and products that have been reduced in price. Searching for a suitable watch strap is as easy as usual. Simply use our Watch Strap Sale-Finder. Just select the required lug width and click on the ‚Search‘- button. You then will be forwarded to the next page, which displays all available reduced products for that specific lug width.



The watch straps that we offer in this category have been reduced in price and generally have a reduction of around -10% to -30% off the most recent shop price. If you would like to save some money on quality watch straps, then I can highly recommend our Special Offers category. Please click here to be taken to the Special Offers directly.

Until next time,

Chris from watchbandcenter

How to… Final Part: Help, Links and Recommendations

This week I would like to bring you the final part of our ‚How to..‘ – series. I am going to talk about the Help Section, Links and Recommendations that you can find on watchbandcenter and I will introduce you to a very helpful quick tip.

The Help Section

Another very useful tool that we offer, is our Help Section. You can find it at the very top right of the website, above the watchbandcenter banner, or in our website’s footer. Just like our Product Sections, the Help Section is organised into categories: Webshop-Information, Order Process & Legal Info, Product Info, Product Instructions and Tips. We cover most of the topics and FAQ’S that might be interesting for you or (at least) useful to know, such as ‚Shop Instructions‘, ‚Returns Policy‘, ‚Exchanging Watch Straps‘ and ‚Product Recommendations‘. The Help Section features too many topics to name them all, so feel free to take a look (click on the image below).

Help Section on Watchbandcenter

Help Section on Watchbandcenter

Recommendations from the right hand side of our website

Now I would like to mention some other links and recommendations that you can find on watchbandcenter. These can be found on the right hand side of the website. The first is called ‚Product Tips & News‘. You can also find this within our Help Section but on the right hand side of the shop it is much easier to spot. This shows you to a page which lists our most recent blog posts along with some other recommendations, category and product tips. The next recommendation is our ‚Made in Germany & Europe‘ category. This category is so important we wanted to give it more of a prime position than other categories. Here you can search specifically for watch straps, which have been manufactured in Germany and Europe. If you are looking for watch straps for branded watches, the next part of our website’s rights hand side should be helpful. Here you can find watch straps, that are suitable for the stated brands such as „Casio“, „Seiko“ and many more.  Below the logos, you can find our ‚Payment and Shipping‘ section, which gives you a detailed overview of prices, shipping, payment, discount and customs and import taxes. To change the currency from EUR to USD, GBP or CHF simply click on the button and choose your currency. The last two buttons ‚Buckles and Clasps‘ and watch straps ‚For Sensitive Skin‘ are links to important categories which we would like to draw special attention to.

Other Links and Recommendations on Watchbandcenter

Other Links and Recommendations on Watchbandcenter

Quick Tip: Excluding Search Results

Let’s say that you would like to have a look at grained leather watch straps with a lug width of 20mm. Here is what you normally would type in to the product search field: „leather grained 22mm“ (without the speech marks). If you’re not sure which colour you’d like, but definitely not black or white and you also don’t want to browse through the black coloured and white coloured watch straps, you can exclude these colours (or keywords) by simply typing in the following words: „leather grained 22mm #black #white“. Now you get all the results for „leather grained 22mm“, except the ones that include the words ‚black‘ and ‚white‘. The great thing about it is that you can use this function for all keywords, simply add a hash tag and then the word. Another useful example is when searching for a simple one-piece strap and not a NATO style one, of which we have a lot on watchbandcenter. You can search for „one-piece #NATO“ and the NATO style straps will not be included in the search results. As we’ve sorted all one-piece straps into one category, this will make your search easier, if you’re looking for a specific type of one-piece strap.

I hope that our ‚How to..‘ – series helps you to increase your shopping experience on watchbandcenter and enables you to search more specifically for the products you want or need.

Until next time,

Chris from Watchbandcenter

How to search: Product search field and watch strap finder

Today I would like to share with you some tips and tricks that can help you to optimize your searching experience on watchbandcenter.com.

Many customers find it hard to search for a specific product and can easily get lost in the diversity of the watch straps, buckles and accessories that we offer. I’m going to talk about the tools that should help you find the article you are searching for. First of all there is the ‚product search‘ – placed on the top left corner of the shop site. The stronger tool however is our watch strap finder, which gives you the opportunity to search more specifically. You can find it right below the product search. Let’s have a look on how these tools work and how they can improve your shopping experience.

The Product Search

Let’s say that you are looking for a new watch strap and you want it to be black and have a lug width of 20mm. In this case you can simply use our product search field, type in the required characteristics ‚black‘ and ’20mm‘ and click on the ’send‘ button. This initiates a search through the whole shop and lists all products that include the required characteristics. At the moment there are approx. 1200 products listed, that match the criteria. The search function has three options: ‚find all words‘, ‚find at least one word‘, ‚only product names‘. By clicking on ‚find all words‘ the system will search for all the words combined and you will get results for black and 20mm. ‚Find at least one word‘ will search for every single word individually, which gives you a lot more results than the first option and you will get results for all products which contain black or 20mm. Usually the system searches within the product names and the product descriptions – a click on ‚only product names‘ will limit the search function and you will only get results for words within product names.


Product search on watchbandcenter.com

Product search on watchbandcenter.com


The Watch Strap Finder

Our more advanced search tool is the so-called watch strap finder. If you have followed us since we’ve been blogging, you might know that we have already introduced this powerful search tool in a previous blog post. Last year we increased the amount of functions and optimised the search in order to make it even more easier and faster to use.

As soon as you click on the the watch strap finder, you will be shown a list of the most important shop sections and categories such as ‚Leather Watch Straps‘, ‚Metal Watch Bands‘ and ‚Synthetic Watch Straps‘. Secondary we have added the following four categories: ‚Made in Germany & Europe‘, ‚Watch straps suitable for Branded Watches‘, ‚Watch Bands with Special Features‘ and ‚Buckles & Clasps for Watch Straps‘. Each category features several options to choose from – the more options you choose, the less results you should see. Let’s say that I am looking for an extra short, grained, red coloured watch strap with contrast stitching, a lug width of 20mm and a with of buckle of 18mm. If I click on the search button, I get one result that matches the criteria. Of course, depending on the availability of the products, the number of results can vary, but in most cases it should be much lower than the number of results that you get when searching with the product search field.


the watch strap finder on watchbandcenter.com

The watch strap finder on watchbandcenter.com


As long as you know what you need, you can use both search tools to your advantage- either to choose from a range of suitable watch straps that have certain characteristics in common or to indicate a certain watch strap model.

I hope that this blog post helps you to understand the search tools we offer and to search more efficient on watchbandcenter.com. Stay tuned for part 2.

Until next time,

Chris from Watchbandcenter


How to remove and change a watch strap

How to change/remove a watch strap

If you need to change your watch strap for any reason, we’ve got some instructions shown below to help you remove your old watch strap and fit your new one, preferably bought from www.watch-band-center.com

For Watch Straps with Spring Bars: Nowadays watch straps are often attached to wrist watches with spring bars/spring pins. Spring bars/pins are small metal bars with ends that are sprung.

The first job to do is to take the spring-bar tool, and using the forked end, find the end of the spring bar between the strap and the lug (horn) of the watch. You should now be able to push the end of the bar inwards to remove it from the hole in the lug end. You should now be able to pull the strap away form the watch. Repeat this process for both sides of the watch strap.

If your spring bars are still in good condition they can be reused for your new watch strap. If you would prefer new ones, they can be found in our shop in the ‚Spring- and T-Bars‚ category under „ACCESSORIES“ in our shop.

Next, thread the spring bars through the ends of your new watch strap. Ensuring the watch strap is the correct way around, and that the piece with the buckle is attached to the 12 o’clock‘ position, slot one end of the spring bar into the small holes on the inside of the lug. Using the forked end of the watch strap, press the other end of the spring bar inwards, before releasing it into the small hole on the other lug. To finish, you should check that the spring bars are properly in the holes and that the strap is securely fastened to the watch so that it won’t fall of unexpectedly.

For Watch Straps with Screwed Attachments: Some watch straps are attached to watches with screws. For the most part this is with visible screws on the sides of the watch lugs. For these types of attachments, simple unscrew the screw with a small screwdriver, remove the watch strap, thread the screw through your new strap and secure the screw back in place.

For Watch Straps with Fixed Bars: Older wrist watches often have fixed bars that don’t come away from the watch as spring bars do. For these watches we have special watch straps with either clip-, stick-, or split pin straps ends to go around the fixed bar. They can be found in out shop in the ‚Open End Watch Bands‚ category under „SPECIAL BANDS“.

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