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Finding Dori: Cordette Watch Straps from Meyhofer

This week I would like to lead you to a category, which you might have thought didn’t even exist: Cordette watch straps. Besides writing blog posts, I’m involved in our international customer service. As our customers often ask for a special kind of leather watch strap – which seems to be difficult to find in our online shop – I thought I’d dedicate this weeks blog post to this special watch strap. Contrary to most of our watch straps, cordette watch straps are not suitable for watches with standard lug ends. Watches that require this special watch strap normally come with a fixed metal piece which cannot be opened (eg. old Glashütte watches). Here is how to get to our cordette watch straps: First of all you need to choose ‚Special Bands‘ on the top of our shop website. A new page opens up and you simply need to scroll down until you see the category. Click on it and voilà – you can see all of the cordette watch straps that we currently offer. There are several colours available such as black, brown, red, blue and grey. Let’s have a look at some of the watch straps:

watch strap

Cordette watch strap „Dori“ black leather smooth golden buckle by Meyhofer


watch strap

Cordette watch strap „Dori“ red leather smooth golden buckle by Meyhofer


watch strap

Cordette watch strap „Dori“ grey leather smooth silver buckle by Meyhofer


For all of our cordette watch straps please click here.

Until next time,

Chris from Watchbandcenter

Special Offers On Watchbandcenter

Last week I talked about our new watch strap model Olymp. This week I’d like to introduce you to a new category on Special Offers.

In this category you can find price tips, special offers and products that have been reduced in price. Searching for a suitable watch strap is as easy as usual. Simply use our Watch Strap Sale-Finder. Just select the required lug width and click on the ‚Search‘- button. You then will be forwarded to the next page, which displays all available reduced products for that specific lug width.



The watch straps that we offer in this category have been reduced in price and generally have a reduction of around -10% to -30% off the most recent shop price. If you would like to save some money on quality watch straps, then I can highly recommend our Special Offers category. Please click here to be taken to the Special Offers directly.

Until next time,

Chris from watchbandcenter

How to… Final Part: Help, Links and Recommendations

This week I would like to bring you the final part of our ‚How to..‘ – series. I am going to talk about the Help Section, Links and Recommendations that you can find on watchbandcenter and I will introduce you to a very helpful quick tip.

The Help Section

Another very useful tool that we offer, is our Help Section. You can find it at the very top right of the website, above the watchbandcenter banner, or in our website’s footer. Just like our Product Sections, the Help Section is organised into categories: Webshop-Information, Order Process & Legal Info, Product Info, Product Instructions and Tips. We cover most of the topics and FAQ’S that might be interesting for you or (at least) useful to know, such as ‚Shop Instructions‘, ‚Returns Policy‘, ‚Exchanging Watch Straps‘ and ‚Product Recommendations‘. The Help Section features too many topics to name them all, so feel free to take a look (click on the image below).

Help Section on Watchbandcenter

Help Section on Watchbandcenter

Recommendations from the right hand side of our website

Now I would like to mention some other links and recommendations that you can find on watchbandcenter. These can be found on the right hand side of the website. The first is called ‚Product Tips & News‘. You can also find this within our Help Section but on the right hand side of the shop it is much easier to spot. This shows you to a page which lists our most recent blog posts along with some other recommendations, category and product tips. The next recommendation is our ‚Made in Germany & Europe‘ category. This category is so important we wanted to give it more of a prime position than other categories. Here you can search specifically for watch straps, which have been manufactured in Germany and Europe. If you are looking for watch straps for branded watches, the next part of our website’s rights hand side should be helpful. Here you can find watch straps, that are suitable for the stated brands such as „Casio“, „Seiko“ and many more.  Below the logos, you can find our ‚Payment and Shipping‘ section, which gives you a detailed overview of prices, shipping, payment, discount and customs and import taxes. To change the currency from EUR to USD, GBP or CHF simply click on the button and choose your currency. The last two buttons ‚Buckles and Clasps‘ and watch straps ‚For Sensitive Skin‘ are links to important categories which we would like to draw special attention to.

Other Links and Recommendations on Watchbandcenter

Other Links and Recommendations on Watchbandcenter

Quick Tip: Excluding Search Results

Let’s say that you would like to have a look at grained leather watch straps with a lug width of 20mm. Here is what you normally would type in to the product search field: „leather grained 22mm“ (without the speech marks). If you’re not sure which colour you’d like, but definitely not black or white and you also don’t want to browse through the black coloured and white coloured watch straps, you can exclude these colours (or keywords) by simply typing in the following words: „leather grained 22mm #black #white“. Now you get all the results for „leather grained 22mm“, except the ones that include the words ‚black‘ and ‚white‘. The great thing about it is that you can use this function for all keywords, simply add a hash tag and then the word. Another useful example is when searching for a simple one-piece strap and not a NATO style one, of which we have a lot on watchbandcenter. You can search for „one-piece #NATO“ and the NATO style straps will not be included in the search results. As we’ve sorted all one-piece straps into one category, this will make your search easier, if you’re looking for a specific type of one-piece strap.

I hope that our ‚How to..‘ – series helps you to increase your shopping experience on watchbandcenter and enables you to search more specifically for the products you want or need.

Until next time,

Chris from Watchbandcenter

How to find: Sections and Categories

In my last blog post I talked about the product search and the watch strap finder. This week I want to continue our little ‚How to…‘ – series and will focus on how to find the products that you need by using the sections, categories and subcategories.


You can find our sections via two different links; right below the banner and on the left hand side of the page at the end of each bank of categories, the bold links, starting with „All…“. Clicking on a section (Leather Straps, Metal Bands, Synthetic Bands,…) below the banner will take you to the same page as clicking on a section (All Leather Straps, All Metal Bands, All Synthetic,…) on the left. You might wonder why we have linked each section twice. We did that for you. One of our goals is to give you the best possible shopping experience and shop usability. Some of our customers are used to a section bar on top of a website, other customers are used to find the sections on the left. To make this as easy and as fast as possible, we offer both types of navigation.

Sections on Watchbandcenter

A Section on


Each section is split into several categories. As soon as you click on a section, you will be shown an overview of the categories. Alternatively, a large proportion of the most popular categories can be found on the left hand side of the website. The categories are there to help you find the relevant type watch strap. You can decide what the most important characteristic is and then go from there. E.g. you know you want a leather strap, so go to the leather section, you can then decide if you would like a grained strap, a smooth one, or one made out of exotic leather. These categories are named correspondingly. eg. Leather – Grained, Leather -Smooth or Other Exotics.

Categories on

Categories on


Choosing one of the available options takes you to our subcategories, which is more often than not the available lug widths of the watch straps. Here you will normally see a list of all available lug widths within the selected category (exceptions occur for categories which are not filled with watch straps, but other products). Simply choose your lug width and you should be forwarded to a list of the available products. In exceptional circumstances, when all products of a particular size are sold out, a subcategory may become empty. If that’s the case, we’re sorry and would ask you to contact our service team to see if we can help further, or let you know when we’re getting more stock. Please note that some watch straps have many distinctive characteristics and are therefore sorted into several subcategories. You will also notice that in our example image below, that we also split certain subcategories into thin and padded straps and for metal bands folded and solid bands.

When I think about it, our structure is like that of a tree: The sections are like the trunk that splits in to branches (Categories) that break into smaller branches (Subcategories, normally Lug widths) with leafs on them (Products).


This should help you in finding what you’re looking for. Once again, as mentioned above, we appreciate that all our customers are different; some like searching and some like using categories to narrow their search for the correct product. We do our best to facilitate both types of customer, and hope that you appreciate our efforts and can find the watch strap you’re looking for on our website.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact our service team. The email address can be found on the right. or on every page of our website right at the bottom of the footer section, and of course on our „About us“ page.

Until next time

Chris from Watchbandcenter





How to search: Product search field and watch strap finder

Today I would like to share with you some tips and tricks that can help you to optimize your searching experience on

Many customers find it hard to search for a specific product and can easily get lost in the diversity of the watch straps, buckles and accessories that we offer. I’m going to talk about the tools that should help you find the article you are searching for. First of all there is the ‚product search‘ – placed on the top left corner of the shop site. The stronger tool however is our watch strap finder, which gives you the opportunity to search more specifically. You can find it right below the product search. Let’s have a look on how these tools work and how they can improve your shopping experience.

The Product Search

Let’s say that you are looking for a new watch strap and you want it to be black and have a lug width of 20mm. In this case you can simply use our product search field, type in the required characteristics ‚black‘ and ’20mm‘ and click on the ’send‘ button. This initiates a search through the whole shop and lists all products that include the required characteristics. At the moment there are approx. 1200 products listed, that match the criteria. The search function has three options: ‚find all words‘, ‚find at least one word‘, ‚only product names‘. By clicking on ‚find all words‘ the system will search for all the words combined and you will get results for black and 20mm. ‚Find at least one word‘ will search for every single word individually, which gives you a lot more results than the first option and you will get results for all products which contain black or 20mm. Usually the system searches within the product names and the product descriptions – a click on ‚only product names‘ will limit the search function and you will only get results for words within product names.


Product search on

Product search on


The Watch Strap Finder

Our more advanced search tool is the so-called watch strap finder. If you have followed us since we’ve been blogging, you might know that we have already introduced this powerful search tool in a previous blog post. Last year we increased the amount of functions and optimised the search in order to make it even more easier and faster to use.

As soon as you click on the the watch strap finder, you will be shown a list of the most important shop sections and categories such as ‚Leather Watch Straps‘, ‚Metal Watch Bands‘ and ‚Synthetic Watch Straps‘. Secondary we have added the following four categories: ‚Made in Germany & Europe‘, ‚Watch straps suitable for Branded Watches‘, ‚Watch Bands with Special Features‘ and ‚Buckles & Clasps for Watch Straps‘. Each category features several options to choose from – the more options you choose, the less results you should see. Let’s say that I am looking for an extra short, grained, red coloured watch strap with contrast stitching, a lug width of 20mm and a with of buckle of 18mm. If I click on the search button, I get one result that matches the criteria. Of course, depending on the availability of the products, the number of results can vary, but in most cases it should be much lower than the number of results that you get when searching with the product search field.


the watch strap finder on

The watch strap finder on


As long as you know what you need, you can use both search tools to your advantage- either to choose from a range of suitable watch straps that have certain characteristics in common or to indicate a certain watch strap model.

I hope that this blog post helps you to understand the search tools we offer and to search more efficient on Stay tuned for part 2.

Until next time,

Chris from Watchbandcenter


Watch Straps for Fixed Bars

So we had a question this week regarding watch straps for fixed bars and I thought i’d address it here

Firstly, What is a watch strap for fixed bars? Also called a watch strap with open ends, this type of watch strap is used for watches which don’t have the spring bars or screwed pins more common on modern watches, but have bars which are fixed to the watch and cannot be removed. For this reason, the watch strap has to have open ends in order to be attached to the fixed bars. One piece watch straps work too, but we’ll get to that later.

The options:

1. 2 piece watch strap with a clip end

This type of watch strap looks very similar to a standard watch strap but instead of having the holes for a spring bar, the end of the strap is extended and bent over 180 degrees towards the underside. The strap is reinforced, usually with metal so that the clip stays closed whilst fitted to the watch.

Here’s a picture to explain what I mean:

Clip Watch Strap for watches with fixed bars

Open End Watch Strap – Clip Watch Strap

The strap is fitted by pulling the clip apart carefully and sliding the underside between the fixed bar and the watch.

2. 2 piece watch strap with glued ends

This type of watch strap looks quite different to a standard watch strap before it’s been fitted, but once it’s been fitted, you’ll hardly notice the difference.  You’ll notice a watch strap which is to be glued will have a flap at the end of each of the pieces of watch strap.  This flap and the underside of the strap are coated with a glue which is to be activated when fitting the strap. Here’s what they look like:

Glue watch strap for watches with fixed bars

Open End Watch Strap – Glue Watch Strap

This type of strap is fitted by threading the watch strap half between the fixed bar and the watch from the top, with the glue side facing away from the watch. You will then need to activate the glue by using a form of acetone (e.g. nail polish).  Once the glue has become sticky, fold over the end of the strap onto the underside of the strap and press and hold firmly for a few seconds until the glue has worked and the strap stays together on its own. Repeat the process for the second half of the watch strap.

3. 2 piece watch strap with splint ends

This type of strap is similar to the glue watch straps but instead of fixing the strap with glue, it is fixed with splints.  This is also best explained with a photo:

Splint watch strap for watches with fixed bars

Open End Watch Strap – Splint Watch Strap

This type of strap is also fitted by threading the watch strap half between the fixed bar and the watch from the top, with the splint side facing away from the watch. You will then need to open the splints either with your fingers or a pair of small pliers.  Once they are 90 degrees to the strap, fold over the flap at the end of the watch strap and thread the splints through the holes in the flap.  You will then need to close the splints again to hold the strap in place.

4. One-Piece watch strap

This type of strap can be used for both standard watches with spring bars and watches with fixed bars, assuming the thickness of the strap is not larger than the gap between the fixed bar and the watch.

One-Piece Strap for watches with fixed bars and spring bars

One-Piece Strap

Some one-piece watch straps have 2 layers (as shown in the picture above).  If this is the case remove the  long piece from the metal loop so that the strap is in a V-shape.  Thread the long end between the fixed bar and the watch from the top, with the underside of the strap facing away from the watch.  You will then need to thread the long part back up between watch and the fixed bar on the other side of the watch.  Once the long piece is threaded through the fixed bars, thread it through the loop at the end of the shorter part again and pull the strap taught.  If you would prefer the straps buckle to be fitted the other way around, thread from the other side first.  This is simply a matter of taste.

For all our watch straps for fixed bars and one-piece straps please check out the following categories:


If you have any questions drop us an email or simply use our contact form on our website

That’s it for now

Rob from Watchbandcenter

NEW: Our Watch Strap Finder!

Watch Strap Finder at

We’ve been working hard over the last few months to get a brand new tool ready for you, to help finding your perfect watch strap even easier!

We call it the WATCH STRAP FINDER!

The Watch Strap Finder allows you to choose criteria from drop down menus, to allow you to select the material, colour, lug width, manufacturer etc. of a watch strap. Once you’ve clicked on search, you will see search results based on your custom search parameters.

For example:Watch Strap FinderChoosing these options would mean that only blue,  grained leather watch straps in 20mm lug width appear in the search results. By leaving options at „all“, which is the standard setting, you will see, for example, watch straps from all the manufacturers who offer watch straps which fulfil the other criteria which you have chosen from the other drop down menus. The more criteria you select, the fewer search results you will see, and the easier your choice of watch strap will be.

That’s the theory. We have 3 different search functions; one for leather watch straps, one for watch straps in synthetic materials and one for metal bands.

The Watch Strap Finder is a work in progress, or in an advanced beta, if you prefer.  We have tested it thoroughly and it works, but we will continue to develop it so that you can find the right watch strap as easily as possible, with as few anomalies in the search results as possible.

Please let us know what you think of it and how we can improve it by contacting our service team

That’s all for now!


Rob from Watchbandcenter.

Buckles and Clasps for Watch Straps – Your Options!

Happy New Year from all at Watchbandcenter!

I hope you were able to take advantage of our 10% discount over the holiday season.

To start off the new year I’d explain a few of your options regarding buckles and clasps for watch straps.
Watchbandcenter Buckles and Clasps
In most cases, you can either fasten your watch strap with a buckle or a clasp. Buckles come in gold, silver, black, and also titanium and are suitable for watch straps of any thickness.
Standard Buckles
Standard buckles, which are fitted to the majority of straps are suitable for straps with circular holes. This is the majority of watch straps.
Large Buckles (with wider thorn)
Some buckles have wider thorns, which are suitable for straps with holes, through which the thorn can fit. These types of buckle normally come fitted to a strap.
Panerai Style Buckles
These buckles are angled with a very wide thorn, meaning that they are only suitable for straps where we specify that they fit (eg. For Panerai). The strap needs to have holes in in which are wide enough for the thorn to fit through.
What to look out for

  • Buckles come in 4 colours (gold, silver, black, titanium)
    (Although nearly all buckles are antiallergenic nowadays, titanium is the best choice if you have an allergy.)
  • The width of buckle is the deciding measurement when choosing a buckle, for example if the width of buckle is 18mm, you need an 18mm buckle.
  • The width of thorn is also important. (If your watch strap has holes which aren’t round, then it might be that you need a buckle with a wider thorn. The width of thorn is given, in the product descriptions in our shop, where it is not standard.)

For more information about clasps, please see the descriptions on our website here:
Buckles and Clasps on

One important note regarding clasps: Some clasps require holes in the strap, others don’t, make sure you buy the correct strap and clasp combination!

That’s it for now

Rob from Watchbandcenter

Watch strap size: Lug width and width of buckle measurement help!

This post is another one in our series helping you with everything you need to know about watch straps!

Today’s topic is watch strap sizes and measurement:

Lug Width : We’ll start with the most important measurement of a watch strap.  If your new strap does not have the same lug width as your previous strap, or if you don’t have that as a reference, the distance between the two lugs at the bottom or top of the watch (these are always the same), then your watch strap will not fit! This means you need to measure the distance between the two lugs as shown in the picture below, to find the lug width of your watch. If the lug width of the new strap you’d like is not the same as your watch, please choose a different strap in the correct size!

Lug Width Measurement

Length of Strap or Band:  This is exactly what it says on the tin, the length of the watch strap, from one end to the other. By this, we mean the length of the 2 halves from one end of the leather (or other material) to the other.  The buckle is not included in this value.  This length however is not the maximum wrist circumference for which the watch strap is suitable for.  The length of the watch* is also a factor in finding out what length watch strap you need, along with the circumference of your wrist, and which hole of the normally 5 available in a watch strap you’re happy to wear the watch strap in.  The last hole is usually approx. 3cm from the end of the watch strap.

* to measure the length of your watch, remove the strap from your watch and refit the spring bars to your watch.  Now take a ruler  and measure from one spring bar to the other along the line of  12 and 6 o’clock.

Taking this into account, the rough equation for working out the length of watch strap you need is:

(Circumference of your wrist) – (Length of your watch) + (3cm)


(the approx. length of the watch strap you require)

Please note this is a guide only.  If you’re not sure if the strap will fit, please contact our
Customer Service

Length of Watch Strap

Width of Buckle: This could also be called „width of clasp“ and stands for the width of the strap where it attaches to the buckle or clasp.  If you’d like to use the buckle or clasp from your old strap, or the one that came with your watch, you will need to check that this size corresponds to the width of your buckle or clasp, measured along the spring bar from the inside of one side to the inside of the other, as shown in the picture below:

Width of Buckle

Thickness of Strap: This measurement is mostly irrelevant and it depends on the style of the watch and personal taste, as to what thickness is best for you. It becomes very important if you want to attach a clasp, eg. butterfly clasp, security clasp, flip clasp etc. to your watch strap.  Clasps tend to be suitable for watch straps up to a width of 3.5 or 4.0mm.  Sometimes the watch strap will be padded at the lug end but relatively flat where the holes are.  If this is the case, have a measure of the strap and if you’re using one of the middle holes, then you should be fine.  Once again, if in doubt, please contact us.

Thickness of Watch Strap

That’s all for now. If you have any questions, please email us!

Rob from Watchbandcenter

How to remove and change a watch strap

How to change/remove a watch strap

If you need to change your watch strap for any reason, we’ve got some instructions shown below to help you remove your old watch strap and fit your new one, preferably bought from

For Watch Straps with Spring Bars: Nowadays watch straps are often attached to wrist watches with spring bars/spring pins. Spring bars/pins are small metal bars with ends that are sprung.

The first job to do is to take the spring-bar tool, and using the forked end, find the end of the spring bar between the strap and the lug (horn) of the watch. You should now be able to push the end of the bar inwards to remove it from the hole in the lug end. You should now be able to pull the strap away form the watch. Repeat this process for both sides of the watch strap.

If your spring bars are still in good condition they can be reused for your new watch strap. If you would prefer new ones, they can be found in our shop in the ‚Spring- and T-Bars‚ category under „ACCESSORIES“ in our shop.

Next, thread the spring bars through the ends of your new watch strap. Ensuring the watch strap is the correct way around, and that the piece with the buckle is attached to the 12 o’clock‘ position, slot one end of the spring bar into the small holes on the inside of the lug. Using the forked end of the watch strap, press the other end of the spring bar inwards, before releasing it into the small hole on the other lug. To finish, you should check that the spring bars are properly in the holes and that the strap is securely fastened to the watch so that it won’t fall of unexpectedly.

For Watch Straps with Screwed Attachments: Some watch straps are attached to watches with screws. For the most part this is with visible screws on the sides of the watch lugs. For these types of attachments, simple unscrew the screw with a small screwdriver, remove the watch strap, thread the screw through your new strap and secure the screw back in place.

For Watch Straps with Fixed Bars: Older wrist watches often have fixed bars that don’t come away from the watch as spring bars do. For these watches we have special watch straps with either clip-, stick-, or split pin straps ends to go around the fixed bar. They can be found in out shop in the ‚Open End Watch Bands‚ category under „SPECIAL BANDS“.

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