Staib – Milanaise/Mesh Watch Straps with a difference

Staib is a brand which has always been a brand which is synonymous with quality. The watch straps from Staib are all metal watch straps or watch bands from the absolute top class category. Or so I thought. Of course they are great quality, there is no question about that, but now Staib has managed to raise the bar even higher with it’s new offering.

Staib is a German firm with a long tradition in manufacturing metal watch bands, concentrating often on mesh or milanaise watch bands.
The MD08 from Staib is the newest in our range of mesh or milanaise watch bands from Staib. The band is a robust mesh structure approximately 4mm thick with a security clasp. The majority of the strap is polished, but the surface of the security clasp brushed, which is only visible when the clasp is open. This clasp also features a cross design on the inside of the clasp, as well as many possibilities to adjust the length of the band at the clasp. With it being a mesh/milanaise band, it cannot be shortened by removing links, so this type of clasp is a great addition to such a watch band. We stock it currently in 20mm, 22mm and 24mm. One thing to note, is that the clasp fitted it always the same 20mm clasp, which means that the 22mm and 24mm models taper from the lug ends to the clasp.

See these photos for more details. As usual, you can click on the photos to be taken to the shop to buy the products.

Staib MD08

Staib MD08 Watch Band on

Watch strap 22mm short mesh polished robust structure with security clasp by STAIB

Staib MD08 Watch Band Detail

Staib MD08 Watch Bands Security Clasp

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