NEW Nato-Style Watch Straps!

Let’s face it, NATO watch straps are not just in fashion now, they are an important part of the watch strap range and they’re not going anywhere. Predominantly made of textile material, NATO watch straps are often very simple; a one-piece strap with a basic buckle. Consumers expect choice in this day and age and simply offering black and brown is no longer acceptable, interesting or appealing. That’s why we set aboout evolving our NATO watch strap section, to offer a wider range of products in different colours, patterns, lengths, lug widths, and with different coloured buckles, in both matt and polished. We’ve really tried to make the range attractive for everyone. We’re always looking for ways in which we can make our range of watch straps even better, and we now hope you like the range available in the NATO watch strap section of our website. There will be more coming as well, so sit tight if you can’t find one that’s to your liking (which if i’m honest I very much doubt, there really is a lot of choice).
NATO watch straps are easy to fit to most watches with a straight attachment, either with spring bars or with fixed bars. They don’t break the bank either, tend to be fairly soft and comfortable against your skin, and bend around the contours of your wrist nicely. They are predominantly waterproof and have traditionally been a popular choice for diver’s watches. However with the colours and patterns now available, they’re becoming more and more popular for everyday watches, and smart dress watches alike. A couple of our new NATO watch straps can be seen here:


WATCH STRAP One-Piece Nato-Style Pt-KB8, green-red-black

PT-KB8 Watch Strap green, red, black



WATCH STRAP One-Piece Nato-Style Pt-KB5B, grey

Pt-KB5B Watch Strap grey



WATCH STRAP One-Piece Nato-Style Pt-KB36B, black-red-green

Pt-KB36B Watch Strap black, red, green



WATCH STRAP One-Piece Nato-Style Pt-KB57B, black-grey-orange

Pt-KB57B Watch Strap black, grey, orange


All Nato-Style Watch Straps can be found here


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Rob from Watchbandcenter

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