News Stainless Steel Watch Straps from BROS (Italy)

The majority of watches can be fitted with stainless steel watch straps, watch bands or watch bracelets, depending on how you prefer to call them. The disadvantage of metal watch straps with standard lug ends (as opposed to curved ends) is that the watch is separated from the watch strap. This is not often a problem as watches tend to have enough character of their own to compensate for this. The watch still looks cool, but the watch strap is very much in the background. That is unless it also has character of its own. Now we’re pretty passionate about watch straps here at Watchbandcenter, and a lot of watch straps have earned their place alongside watches over the years, due to design, style and that word again: character. Stainless steel watch straps don’t often ooze character quite as much as a leather watch straps, which sometimes almost have a personality (ok we spend a lot of time with watch straps, but it’s true).

We’re quite impressed with these metal watch straps from BROS though. They’re interesting, the designs are somewhat out of the ordinary and they just have that „something“ that you look for when buying a watch strap. They should pair well with a range of watches, giving you a timepeice on your wrist that’s a worthy conversation starter. Click on the pictures below to see which other sizes we have available and to purchase them through our online shop:


WATCH STRAP Bs-MB760AD Stainless steel

Bs-MB760AD Watch strap from BROS


WATCH STRAP Bs-MB758AD Stainless steel

Bs-MB758AD Watch strap from BROS


WATCH STRAP Bs-MB230A Stainless steel

Bs-MB230A Watch strap from BROS


WATCH STRAP Bs-MB104BD-BC Stainless steel

Bs-MB216A Watch strap from BROS


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