Unique watch strap from Fluco

Today i’d like to talk to you about a new watch strap in our shop which has just come online this week.
The strap is the Fluco Fc-LC103, available in 24mm and 26mm. The strap is made of Shell Cordovan leather, a leather which is made from Texas work horses. It is hard wearing, breathable and water resistant and comes with a Panerai style buckle. But that’s not what makes this watch strap so exclusive, it is our first ‚Print Strap‘ meaning that the leather is printed with part of an antique style stamp. Every strap is different as the stamps are pritned onto the leather and not to the individual watch straps.
If you have a large watch and are looking for something completely out of the ordinary or something to show off to your friends, check out the Fluco Fc-LC103 on Watchbandcenter.com

Fluco Fc-LC103
Fluco Fc-LC103 Print Strap

That’s it for now,

Rob from Watchbandcenter

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