NEW Caoutchouc Watch Straps from BROS!

A watch strap made of caoutchouc is flexible, but also very hard wearing. A caoutchouc watch strap is therefore suitable for diving, although the ones I am going to show you in this blog post are not made in the typical diving watch style. A caoutchouc watch strap is a good idea too, if you’re looking for a watch strap for everyday use. Watch straps on diving watches often have a specific design, which obviously isn’t to everyone’s liking. Change is upon us however and BROS (Italy) have brought out some caouchouc watch straps is designs which they hope will appeal to those not wanting to follow the normal trend. They are now available on our website:


WATCH STRAP Bs-KB0687 from Bros

Bs-KB0687 watch strap from Bros



WATCH STRAP Bs-KB0672 from Bros

Bs-KB0672 watch strap from Bros



WATCH STRAP Bs-KB0671 from Bros

Bs-KB0671 watch strap from Bros


All Watch Straps from the brand BROS can be found in our online shop!

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