NEW: Our Watch Strap Finder!

Watch Strap Finder at

We’ve been working hard over the last few months to get a brand new tool ready for you, to help finding your perfect watch strap even easier!

We call it the WATCH STRAP FINDER!

The Watch Strap Finder allows you to choose criteria from drop down menus, to allow you to select the material, colour, lug width, manufacturer etc. of a watch strap. Once you’ve clicked on search, you will see search results based on your custom search parameters.

For example:Watch Strap FinderChoosing these options would mean that only blue,  grained leather watch straps in 20mm lug width appear in the search results. By leaving options at „all“, which is the standard setting, you will see, for example, watch straps from all the manufacturers who offer watch straps which fulfil the other criteria which you have chosen from the other drop down menus. The more criteria you select, the fewer search results you will see, and the easier your choice of watch strap will be.

That’s the theory. We have 3 different search functions; one for leather watch straps, one for watch straps in synthetic materials and one for metal bands.

The Watch Strap Finder is a work in progress, or in an advanced beta, if you prefer.  We have tested it thoroughly and it works, but we will continue to develop it so that you can find the right watch strap as easily as possible, with as few anomalies in the search results as possible.

Please let us know what you think of it and how we can improve it by contacting our service team

That’s all for now!


Rob from Watchbandcenter.

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