Rustic Leather Watch Straps

Today I would like to introduce to you a new shop category: Rustic Leather Watch Straps. In this shop category you will find watch straps that are made of leather in a rustic style, mostly made by hand from a range of manufacturers and brands such as Fluco, Graf, Rios, Hirsch, Meyhofer and many more. The watch straps are suitable for watches with standard lug attachments in aviator and military styles and those who appreciate the resulting look of traditionally made or hand made products. In this new category you can find rustic leather watch straps in the lug widths of 16mm – 32mm and in several colours such as black, dark brown, brown and beige. The watch straps are equipped with different kinds of buckles (standard buckle, large buckle, solid buckle…, etc.) and in most cases stitched in many variations. Besides the standard two-piece watch straps, this category also features one-piece watch straps. Let’s have a look at some of my personal favorites from this new category:

Bilbao on

Watch strap „Bilbao“ in 22mm dark grey leather vintage look light double stitching by MEYHOFER (width of buckle 22 mm)


leather vintage look watch strap on

Watch strap in 22mm light brown/auburn leather vintage look stitched by EICHMÜLLER (width of buckle 22 mm)


'In the Army now' on

Watch strap „In the Army now“ in 20mm olive textile/leather vintage look light brown stitched Flume (width of buckle 20 mm) (uhm, no that actually is not leather but we like this one so much that we have simply added it to this category)


alligator grain antique look watch strap on

Watch strap in 18mm dark brown leather alligator grain antique look light stitching by CAMPAGNOLO (width of buckle 16 mm)


For our new shop category and more rustic leather watch straps please click here.

Until next time,

Chris from Watchbandcenter

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