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How to remove and change a watch strap

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Meyhofer Belts

Belts from Meyhofer and Morellato

So we maybe a watch strap retailer, but we’ve been branching out recently and i’d like to tell you about our collection of belts. We have belts from 2 manufacturers at the More »

Removing links from metal bands

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New Vintage Horse Leather Watch Straps from Herzog

We’re looking at a rather unusual watch strap this week. The vast majority of watch straps are made either of calf’s leather, or if you’re in the market for something a bit more expensive, genuine alligator is a popular choice. The strap I want to show you today is made of horse leather, something which you may have only heard of from our posts about shell cordovan watch straps. This strap is not made of shell cordovan leather, but standard horse leather. The cut strap made in Italy has painted sides and a vintage look with light, contrast, detail stitching at the lug ends and at the tip of the piece with holes. The watch strap is great for aviator style watches, but can also make a classic watch look a bit more interesting.
We’re talking today about the watch strap Vintage-Horse from the brand Herzog, based in Remchingen in Germany.
Here are some photos. Please note that there are 2 seemingly similar brown colours, this enables you to find the exact shade of brown you’re looking for.

Vintage-Horse from Herzog, brown

Watch strap Vintage-Horse from Herzog, brown

Vintage-Horse Watch Strap from Herzog, Brown with contrast stitching

Vintage-Horse from Herzog, black

Watch strap Vintage-Horse from Herzog, black

Vintage-Horse Watch Strap from Herzog, Black with contrast stitching

Vintage-Horse from Herzog, light brown

Watch strap Vintage-Horse from Herzog, light brown

Vintage-Horse Watch Strap from Herzog, Light brown with contrast stitching

Please click on the pictures for more details in our shop. For more Herzog watch straps please click here.

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More Specialities – NATO Style with wide buckle and antique look

Over the last year or so we’ve been adding more and more NATO style watch straps to our range of watch straps. So you might be asking, OK, another post about a NATO watch strap, what’s different about this one? I’m glad you asked! This watch strap is one of the first on offer with a large buckle, or wide buckle, meaning the buckle pin is wider and the buckle is somewhat more robust. Leather NATO style straps are also somewhat rarer than their textile or synthetic counterparts. This NATO style watch strap is available in the colour antique black, a somewhat unusual colour, but one which adds character to a watch, giving your watch a look which is more family heirloom than just bought on the high street (or your favourite online shop).
The watch strap is called Mendavia from the brand Meyhofer and is available now in lug widths 18mm, 20mm, 22mm and 24mm.

Mendavia from the brand Meyhofer, NATO Style

Mendavia, NATO watch strap on

Mendavia NATO style watch strap from the brand Meyhofer

Same as always, click on the photo for more details!

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Rob from Watchbandcenter

More Shell Cordovan straps from Meyhofer and even more from Kuki

I’ve got a couple of things for you today.

Firstly, we have a new shell cordovan strap from Meyhofer, which is available in black and 17mm, 18mm, 19mm and 20mm. As you may know, the choice in some of the uneven lug widths can be somewhat limited, and this is the first shell cordovan watch strap which we offer in 17mm. Another noteworthy characteristic of this strap is the fact that it is available with coloured stitching. The black shell cordovan leather watch strap is available with light contrast stitching, orange contrast stitching and red contrast stitching. The approx. 2.3mm thick watch strap, hand made in Germany is a cut strap with painted sides and should be suitable for many customers, having a total length of approx 19.3cm in all lug widths:

Meyhofer Homberg Watch Strap

Meyhofer Homberg watch strap made of shell cordovan leather, on

Meyhofer Homberg watch strap, shell codovan, black with orange, red or light contrast stitching

Secondly, we have added lots more straps to our range from Kuki. Kuki straps are of really great quality, and accurately hand made in the EU. The strap Simba is available in so many different variations, namely in 3 different lengths (in most lug widths) and lots of different lug widths (14mm, 16mm, 17mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm, 24mm). Available in black with orange, red or light contrast stitching and dark brown with orange or light contrast stitching, this strap is suitable for a huge range of watches and wrist circumferences. The calf’s leather uppers are lightly grained and offer a matt finish. The strap is lightly padded and approx 3-4mm thick.
Check out some of these pictures below and click on the photos for more information:

Kuki Simba Watch Strap

Watch strap Simba from Kuki Slovenia, on Watchbandcenter

Watch strap Simba from Kuki, dark brown with orange stitching

Watch strap Simba from Kuki Slovenia, on Watchbandcenter

Watch strap Simba from Kuki, black with red stitching

For more Meyhofer or Kuki watch straps, click on the brands in this sentence!

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Rob from Watchbandcenter

Campagnolo – a new brand on

I mentioned in my last post that we now have some great new straps from a brand which is new to Watchbandcenter – Campagnolo Cinturini

Campagnolo make a lot of their uniquely designed watch straps in Vicenza, Italy.

To our ever growing range of watch straps on, we’ve added some really very unique straps from Campagnolo, including a carbon style racing strap, a few different avaitor style straps with and without rivets and with some really bright stitching designs. We also have a great textile strap with a square tip and a light brown watch strap with multicoloured stitching, something we’ve never had before.

As I said, some, but not all of their watch straps are Made in Italy. If they are, it’s clearly written in the product description. Some straps are cut straps with painted sides, some without the painted sides and some are remborded.

Let me show you a few straps:

First off, the Cg-LB002110 from Campagnolo in black and red (Also available in light brown/cream, dark brown/cream, red/white, white/black, lug widths 18mm, 20mm, 22mm)

Watch strap from Campagnolo on

Cg-LB002110 Watch Strap from Campagnolo

Cg-LB442044 from Campagnolo in black and red (Also available in black, lug width 20mm)

Watch strap from Campagnolo on

Cg-LB442044 Watch Strap from Campagnolo

Cg-KB006610 from Campagnolo in olive (Also available in black and beige, lug widths 18mm, 20mm, 22mm)

Watch strap from Campagnolo on

Cg-KB006610 Watch Strap from Campagnolo

Cg-LB666666 from Campagnolo in light brown with multicoloured stitching (Available in 22mm, 24mm)

Watch strap from Campagnolo on

Cg-LB666666 Watch Strap from Campagnolo

As always, click on the photos to be taken to the individual products in our shop.

That’s just a selection, for more straps simply type Campagnolo into our product search function or click here: Campagnolo watch straps on

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So many new watch straps!

So, we’ve been very busy lately, adding more and more new products to our website. As always, there is something for everyone, and the best thing to do is to mention our new products page again. We add new watch straps to the page nearly every day, as we continue to build a collection which includes some of the most unique watch straps available.

New products on

If you click on the link (simply click on the image above) right now, you may see some watch straps from a brand which you don’t yet know, at least which you haven’t seen on before.

That brand is Campagnolo, which is an Italian brand which still manufactures many of it’s straps in Italy. They’ll most probably be a blog post soon showing off some of their best straps, but for now, check out the new products page and take a look at the new watch straps.

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Rob from Watchbandcenter

Watch Straps in Uneven Lug Widths

So you have a favourite watch, maybe it was a present, or a hand me down from an older relative or family member. You really like the look of it, but it’s a watch which has an irregular or uneven lug width. I’m talking anything with an odd number in millimetres. For example 13mm, 15mm, 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 23mm, 25mm etc.
This can be problematic when you’re buying a new watch strap, as the majority of watch straps are only available is specific sizes, normally standard sizes like 18mm, 20mm and 22mm for men’s watches and 14mm and 16mm for ladies’ watches. Now if your watch does not have a lug width with one of these sizes, it is going to be more difficult to find a watch strap which is suitable. For those of you with extra small sizes and extra large sizes, you have less choice, but can normally find something suitable. For those of you with a watch with an uneven lug width, you may have put your watch away in a cupboard because you couldn’t find a suitable strap. I have good news! It’s time to get that watch back out of the cupboard and check out these new straps, and others from our uneven lug width category:

Volvera from the brand Meyhofer
First off, the Volvera from Meyhofer, which is a strap in IWC style and even has non standard stitching colours, giving you a choice which you didn’t have before. Available in 17mm, 19mm and 21mm as well as some standard lug widths, this watch strap comes with a butterfly clasp and has an alligator grain. Currently we stock black and dark and light browns, with a range of stitching colours.

Volvera watch strap from Meyhofer on

Volvera from the brand Meyhofer, Black with Orange Stitching

We stock several straps from Meyhofer which are available in irregular and uneven lug widths. These can be best found by going to the Meyhofer page and clicking on the required lug width.

Eco Aere from Lic Atelier
Secondly, the Eco Aere from Lic Atelier, is a racing style strap available in uneven lug width 19mm and 21mm and standard lug widths 18mm, 20mm and 22mm. Available in black or brown with various stitching colours, this is a watch strap hand made in Belgium, which belongs to the very top level of our watch straps, especially in the racing straps category. If you’re looking for an excellent quality racing watch strap, look no further than the Lic Eco Aere, a watch strap hand made in Belgium with the finest leathers.

Eco Aere watch strap from Lic Atelier on

Eco Aere from Lic Atelier, Black with Red Stitching

We stock a wide range of watch straps in uneven or irregular lug widths from Lic Atlier. For more tips, including watch straps in 17mm, check out the products Calf Standard, Eco, Eco Sport, Russie, Russie Sans Couture and Madras.

Arizona from Graf
Thirdly, the Arizona from Graf Manufaktur, Germany. This is a padded leather watch strap with an alligator grain. It belongs to one of best selling watch straps in the uneven lug width category and is available in black, 3 different browns and dark blue. The 19mm and 21mm uneven lug width sizes are complemented by the standard lug widths 18mm, 20mm and 22mm.

Arizona watch strap from Graf on

Arizona from Graf, Brown with Tone in Tone Stitching

We have lots of 19mm watch straps from Graf in our shop, in a range of colours and styles.

For general information regarding irregular lug width watch straps and more choice from other brands please see the Uneven Lug Width category.

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Rob from Watchbandcenter

New Watch Straps with Leather Pads from Pattini

So it’s the first blog post of the new year and I can’t believe we’re already half way through January. I hope you’ve had a great first couple of weeks of 2014 and are looking forward to a fantastic year ahead. This year we’re carrying one with increasing our range of new products and i’ve got some super straps to show you today. The brand Pattini, which I wrote about recently here has brought out some new straps, this time with leather pads in a few different styles. Before we look at the styles, let’s have a look at the details.
Pattini Watch Strap LC11
The model LC11 is currently available in 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm, 24mm and 26mm in black with graphite coloured stitching. The leather pad has holes along the edges and is long enough to accomodate the majority of watches. For more information please click on the photo below to be taken to the shop:

Watch Strap with leather pads from Pattini LC11

Pattini LC11 on

Pattini Watch Strap LC12
The model LC12 is similar in many ways to the LC11 but lacks the holes design. It however boasts a double stitching design available in various colours. The strap is black leather and it is available with red, blue and light coloured stitching in sizes 20mm, 22mm, 24mm and 26mm. The strap is also available in 19mm and 21mm with graphite coloured stitching:

Watch Strap with leather pads from Pattini LC12

Pattini LC12 on

Pattini Watch Strap LC13
The model LC13 is also similar in many ways to the other watch straps with leather pads but lacks stitching. It has a punched holes design which can be seen at the lugs of your watch once fitted, similar to some racing style straps. The strap is black leather and is available in the sizes 20mm, 22mm and 24mm:

Watch Strap with leather pads from Pattini LC13

Pattini LC13 on

For more details about Pattini and to see more of their watch straps on, please see here! We should also be getting even more soon, so stay tuned.

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Rob from Watchbandcenter

Staib – Milanaise/Mesh Watch Straps with a difference

Staib is a brand which has always been a brand which is synonymous with quality. The watch straps from Staib are all metal watch straps or watch bands from the absolute top class category. Or so I thought. Of course they are great quality, there is no question about that, but now Staib has managed to raise the bar even higher with it’s new offering.

Staib is a German firm with a long tradition in manufacturing metal watch bands, concentrating often on mesh or milanaise watch bands.
The MD08 from Staib is the newest in our range of mesh or milanaise watch bands from Staib. The band is a robust mesh structure approximately 4mm thick with a security clasp. The majority of the strap is polished, but the surface of the security clasp brushed, which is only visible when the clasp is open. This clasp also features a cross design on the inside of the clasp, as well as many possibilities to adjust the length of the band at the clasp. With it being a mesh/milanaise band, it cannot be shortened by removing links, so this type of clasp is a great addition to such a watch band. We stock it currently in 20mm, 22mm and 24mm. One thing to note, is that the clasp fitted it always the same 20mm clasp, which means that the 22mm and 24mm models taper from the lug ends to the clasp.

See these photos for more details. As usual, you can click on the photos to be taken to the shop to buy the products.

Staib MD08

Staib MD08 Watch Band on

Watch strap 22mm short mesh polished robust structure with security clasp by STAIB

Staib MD08 Watch Band Detail

Staib MD08 Watch Bands Security Clasp

Simply click on the photos for more information or for all Staib watch bands please click here!

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Pattini Watch Straps

You may have noticed something new in our shop, something you’ve never seen before in a style that you’ve probably also never seen before!

What am I talking about? I’m talking about the new watch straps from the brand and manufacturer Pattini! All the straps from Pattini are Hand Made in the EU! That’s not something very many brands can boast! Not only are these watch straps made in the EU, they also exhibit designs currently unique in our already vast range of watch straps.
The straps are currently based on one strap form (more forms coming in 2014) and include stitching designs which can often only be described as art. The straps are available in a huge range of sizes including irregular lug widths 19mm and 21mm. The watch straps are very comfortable cut straps with painted sides and are more robust than standard. The wide buckle and range of holes make this strap suitable for a wide range of customers. The straps are also available in racing designs and designs without stitching, for those looking to make a minimalistic statement.

These really are great watch straps and come highly recommended. Don’t just take my word for it, check out the photos below and purchase one for yourself in our shop!

Watch Strap Pa-LC65 from the brand Pattini made in the EU

Watch Strap Pa-LC65 from Pattini on Watchbandcenter

Watch Strap Pa-LB61 from the brand Pattini made in the EU

Watch Strap Pa-LB61 from Pattini on Watchbandcenter

Watch Strap Pa-LB57 from the brand Pattini made in the EU

Watch Strap Pa-LB57 from Pattini on Watchbandcenter

Watch Strap Pa-LC58 from the brand Pattini made in the EU

Watch Strap Pa-LC58 from Pattini on Watchbandcenter

Watch Strap Pa-LC73 from the brand Pattini made in the EU

Watch Strap Pa-LC73 from Pattini on Watchbandcenter

That last one is great for Timex fans looking for something new for their Expedition watch!
There are loads more designs and colour combinations, just click on the photos or see here for all Pattini Watch Straps!

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Watch Straps with Horween Basketball Leather

Today I have some really ususual watch straps to introduce. As the title suggests, it’s all about watch straps, where the leather uppers are made from basketball leather, from the Chicago based tannery Horween, known for their tradition and famous Shell Cordovan leather.

The straps are brought to you from the brand Meyhofer are available in 22mm, 24mm and 26mm, in orange, which you would expect from a traditional basketball leather. The strap is tipped with an asymmetric point and completed with a black Panerai style buckle. The black stitching at the lug ends is another noteworty point which adds to this already fairly unique watch strap. With two loose loops, this cut strap with painted sides is hand made in Germany.

What more can I say, I think this watch strap will appeal to many of you sports fans, or those simply looking for something extravagant to show off your watch even more.

Watch Strap “Atlanta” from the brand Meyhofer

Atlanta Watch Strap, Basketball leather from Meyhofer

Watch Strap “Atlanta” from the brand Meyhofer, orange basketball leather with black Panerai-style buckle.

Atlanta Watch Strap, Basketball leather, Handmade in Germany

Watch Strap “Atlanta” basketball leather hand made in Germany with black Panerai-style buckle.

For more details, please click on the photos and you’ll be taken to our shop, and the individual product descriptions

that’s all for now

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